100WC W5 T4

One sunny day, the Wright family were moving house. At ten o’clock the removalists came to take all of their belongings. They started off by taking the television, then they took the sofa.

The operation was going well, until it was time to take the dining table. It was a lovely three and a half metre table made out of good quality oak wood. The removalists picked up the table so it could be taken to their truck. However, the table was so big it couldn’t fit through the door.

One of the removalists sighed.

“If only it were a bit smaller.”

The over removalists all nodded in agreement.

100wc T3W10

Last night, an Australian band performed in front of a hundred, thousand people. After the performance they signed a contract.

They were given the contract by a man named Joe Root. Nobody knew that Joe was actually the English cricket captain and the contract was to force the band to support England for the rest of their lives.

The members of the band were all die-hard Cricket Australia supporters and they were devastated when they read the fine print on the contract. Two years later they performed at Lord’s cricket ground for the Ashes.

They never should have said yes…


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100wc T3 W9

On Monday, young Johnny was on his rounds. Delivering the groceries to every one in town.

He rode down the hill and went round the bend and ended up on Down Street.

His bike came down the hill with tremendous pace and didn’t slow down one bit.

He rode over a bump in the old brick road and went flying into Farmer Sam’s garden.

He rode a few more metres before crashing into a bail of hay.

His vegetables flying everywhere.

And that is the story of young Johnny who was just going on his rounds. Who became unlucky, whilst doing his morning rounds.

100WC T3 W6

In the middle of the Arctic Ocean, there is an iceberg. On that iceberg lives a polar bear. His name is Fraser. One day, Fraser was feeling really hungry. As a result of his hunger he jumped of his iceberg and went for a swim, in search of a fat, young seal.

After ten minutes of swimming he smelt something. It was a familiar smell to Fraser, suddenly he recognised the smell. It was seal. Based on the strength of the smell, Fraser estimated that the seal

was only a few hundred metres away. Fraser swam as fast as he could.

The seal was close.


But when I looked behind me 100WC

It was a Monday, I was walking down 5th Avenue with my friend Frank. It was a calm evening, not a cloud in sight. I was talking to my friend about the new movie called ‘Space Attack’.

Just at that moment I thought I saw something in the corner of my eye. It looked like a dog, but bigger. Then I saw it again, this time slightly closer.

I thought I heard growling. I told Frank to cut it out but he said it wasn’t him.

I heard it again so I turned around but when I looked behind me it was to late.



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100WC T3W4

It was a cold Saturday morning, I was at the docks with my boss Sergeant Barry.

“You see that barge over there?” he said.

“Yeah,” I replied. “What bout’ it.”

“Even though that barge looks like it’s carrying cars, it’s actually smuggling the most dangerous machine gun in all of the world into New York.”

“Okay,” I said “What do I have to do?”

“You have to launch an underwater torpedo at that ship to sink it.”

What! I thought. You have got to be kidding me. An under trained young agent like myself is in no position to launch torpedos at international weapon smugglers!

This dude is having a really bad day!


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