Dan 3 – 1788

Just  after supper yesterday, I was grabbed by two soldiers and had gotten  marched off to

Lieutenant Robert’s tent. I was charged with theft

and desertion.

I tried to explain that I didn’t steal the dog, I was returning it to Warawi.

It was no use, Robert’s told me to get a good nights sleep as in the morning I was to

be flogged.

Later that day we went into the forest to build the triangle in which I would be flogged.

Goodwin and I were instructed to build it. I could sense the fear in his voice, Goodwin was one of

my mates and I knew he did not want me to be flogged.

Right at that moment Warawi approached us holding a kangaroo skin.

She gestured for me to come over and see what she was holding.

Goodwin warned me not to as he thought I was in enough trouble already.

I peeked into her kangaroo skin basket and inside there was a tiny blonde puppy.

I told Goodwin to come over as well. He looked inside and his face suddenly melted.

A few minutes later, I took the puppy over to we’re Robert’s was.

Goodwin and I told Robert’s the values of having a puppy instead of a fully grown dog.

He agreed and got rid of my sentence. He told me that I was going to have to look after this dog

as well. With one exception, I obey his orders from now on. I nodded my head and took the puppy.



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