Dan – 1788

I was walking around the camp today, wearing my best coat. I was carrying water to the kitchen tent. Lartha, Warawi’s dog, was following me. Then it left my side as soon as I got back to the main camp.

“Was that a dog following you?”

Captain James asked me. “Yes sir,” I replied.

“It’s a fine dog,” he said.

“Yes it is,” I told him.

“The governor needs a hunting dog, to catch the mice that run around his house,”

the governor said half out loud half to himself, with a thinking tone.

“Okay lads!” Captain James shouted out above all the chatter of the other soldiers.

A faint cheer came from the soldiers. We set our weapons and got ready to go.

A few minutes later, I was walking with two other soldiers, Officer Charles and Colonel Thomas.

I knew I couldn’t let them find Lartha. She was Warawi’s dog. Warawi is a native person who lives near hear. Lartha means everything to her.

I asked the Colonel if the dog belonged to anyone. I already knew the answer but I wanted to know what he thought.

“The native people don’t really own things,” he said.

“Maybe the dogs just follow them, or something,” he replied.

“No, that’s just stupid,” I said.

“Well have it your way,” the Colonel said.

Whence he had looked away, I ducked out of the group and went to the big tree where Warawi usually is.

“You have to get Lartha and run away,” I told her. She giggled and imitated a soldier marching.

“It’s not a joke,” I yapped at her, starting to get a bit frustrated. They are coming to take Lartha.

Right at that moment I heard the shouts of the other soldiers.

They all rejoiced in having just found the dog.

I was instructed to tie a rope around her neck and bring her back with us.

When we got back, the Captain told me I was going to look after the dog until it was time to take her to the Governor.

I bent over and told Lartha that if she was to escape, she would be shot off her feet.

I stood up and started walking away.

I felt something hard hit my head, a stone. I looked up in pain, rubbing my forehead.

It was Warawi.

I only had one guess why she was throwing stones.

She must have been angry at me for taking Lartha. Stones were being fired every where.

“We’re under attack!” shouted Captain James.



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  1. Great job Oliver D i think you Gould improve nothing it was awesome punctuation correct spelling nothing to improve in my opinion – William

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