100WC T3 W6

In the middle of the Arctic Ocean, there is an iceberg. On that iceberg lives a polar bear. His name is Fraser. One day, Fraser was feeling really hungry. As a result of his hunger he jumped of his iceberg and went for a swim, in search of a fat, young seal.

After ten minutes of swimming he smelt something. It was a familiar smell to Fraser, suddenly he recognised the smell. It was seal. Based on the strength of the smell, Fraser estimated that the seal

was only a few hundred metres away. Fraser swam as fast as he could.

The seal was close.


One thought on “100WC T3 W6

  1. Kia ora Oliver!
    This is a story well told, and leaves the audience in anticipation, just waiting to see what will happen next to both the seal and the polar bear! I do like some of the vocabulary that you have used – words such as ‘familiar’ and ‘recognised’.
    Remember to check all of your writing carefully though, so that you do spell words such as OFF , correctly in your final presentation.
    If you get a chance, how about coming and have a look at our school blog at: https://rakau19.edublogs.org/
    Ms M #100WC

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